Straw Paper Buff 120gsm A4. 100 sheets

Straw Paper Buff 120gsm A4. 100 sheets

SKU: PL031

4 million tonnes of waste straw is produced in the UK every year, capable of being made into up to 1.6 million tonnes of paper, such as this one: a 100% recycled paper, with 10% straw content. These A4 sheets weigh in at 120gsm, and are buff/fawn in colour, with visible straw fibres, and a textured, absorbent feel. The (re)manufacturing is Process Chlorine Free (PCF), which means that no additional chlorine-based bleaches are used in the recycling process. Turning this surplus straw into paper means paper can be produced locally, creating indigenous jobs and reducing up to 90% Co2 transport emissions compared to the use of imported wood pulp. This is manufactured in Hemel Hempstead, using the heritage steam-driven 'Fourdrinier' machine at Frogmore Mill: the world's first mechanised paper-making machine dating back to 1895, and still in use today. Sold in packs of 100 sheets.

Pack of 100 Sheets  is owned and operated by The Green Stationery Company Ltd . 

 2 Cleveland Terrace, Bath BA1 5DF. UK Registered Company # 02834890 

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