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Ellie Poo Fibre Paper A4 120gsm x 100 & 280gsm x 50

Ellie Poo Fibre Paper A4 120gsm x 100 & 280gsm x 50



Ellie Poo paper is a fibrous off-white in appearance, this paper is suitable for most printers, though it is recommended to test out a sample first. 'Ellie Poo' paper is manufactured from 75% UK post consumer waste and 25% dung from the Sri Lankan elephant. The dung is collected, cleaned up and turned into pulp by the local population, and 5% of all profits are reinvested back into the country, to provide skills training, local employment, education, and other support to the villagers. Tensions between Sri Lankans and the local elephants are high, as the elephants are notorious for destroying crops - however, the Ellie Poo Paper Company provides an economic incentive for the elephants conservation, with only up to 3,000 left in the wild. The paper itself is treated using non-chlorine methods to remove all bacteria, and is manufactured in Hemel Hempstead, using the heritage steam-driven Fourdrinier machine at Frogmore Mill: the worlds first mechanised paper-making machine dating back to 1895, and still in use today.

This range of papers and card are made at a steam heritage mill so can change in texture and colour with every batch made and there can be great variations within the batch as well.

Packed in 100 A4 sheets of 120gsm or 50 A4 sheets of 280gsm 

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