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Eco Cellulose Menu Covers
Eco Menu covers are made from celullose fibres, a mix of wood and cotton and treated with a resin to produce a material that is just like the printed label on your jeans. Eco menu cover can be machined washed, dried and ironed flat!
Eco covers come in a light 0.6mm thickness EcoModa range or double 1.2mm thickness Eco range, both can be personalised with a printed label. The EcoVintage range comes in both the 0.6mm and 1.2mm thickness and features a wax leather look and finish. The Eco custom range is 0.6mm thick and can be printed on the whole of the front cover, the custom natural can be printed full colour while the custom black is printed in white and the black premium in bronze.
There is also a range of Buy Now custom covers printed with designs that can be purchased off the shelf for fast delivery.
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